The launch

… was a disaster. The crane came and loaded Oslo, then took her down the road to Carey’s Bay Slipway where I had pre-arranged to have her lifted into the water. And just as well… I knew that after so many years on shore, that she would leak, but I was not prepared for the gush of water that entered from just about every seam. Luckily Richard (yard owner) was and he had a mains pump ready.

But after an hour or so it was obvious that she would not take up, safely, and that more work was needed. Oslo was craned out again, set up on chocks and poles, again, and dried out again. The next week of evenings was spent using a putty knife to squeeze linseed oil putty (mixed with extra linseed oil) into every seam. Big thanks to Richard and his helpful men for the support and good will that they offered. And during this period, Trevor rebuilt my engine’s water pump.

A week later the crane was back, gushing was more manageable, and with love, care and attention over the coming weeks, Oslo did indeed take up, to the point that now, two years later, only a trickle enters (along the stern rabbet line). Wooden boats do best on water.

The other lesson I learned was how expensive cranes are and to avoid them if at all possible.


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