… took many days over a winter and some of the following spring. I used good quality marine ply to repair holes in the hull (above the waterline, laminating it in thin layer by layer, to overlap the diagonals) and in the cabin sides. I don’t like epoxy, so I used the best polyurethane that I can get (and I do trust this glue). I scrapped as much of the nasty epoxy out of the hull seams as I could, and replaced it with thin splines (where the gaps had been enlarged dramatically) sawdust/polyurethane mix in the big gas and just primer paint in the thinner gaps.

IMG_0441IMG_0440IMG_0435The spars were oiled, the bilges cleaned, scrapped and repainted, the hull and super structure painted, the sails and rigging repaired. Sally painted a funky Oslo on either side. As the weather warmed, the hull was covered with wet sheets and the bilges.

I worked for many days on the engine, but could not get it to start. Almost out of desperation, I tried ether in the intake (Start you Bastard… yes that is what it is called) and she started. Lots more work still to do. And I rewired most of the boat. IMG_0741


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