… took many days over a winter and some of the following spring. I used good quality marine ply to repair holes in the hull (above the waterline, laminating it in thin layer by layer, to overlap the diagonals) and in the cabin sides. I don’t like epoxy, so I used the best polyurethane that I … More Renovations

The launch

… was a disaster. The crane came and loaded Oslo, then took her down the road to Carey’s Bay Slipway where I had pre-arranged to have her lifted into the water. And just as well… I knew that after so many years on shore, that she would leak, but I was not prepared for the … More The launch

The Survey

First survey: April 2012 The boat is on a substantial 4 wheel trailer, supported on each side by cushioned outriders. A large and tattered tarpaulin covers the topsides admirably supported by the mast, stepped in its tabernacle and rear support. Algae growing on the warps suggested that she has been in this state for some … More The Survey